Dear Users,

Thank you for your patience on waiting so long for this version of Isher Micro Media. Isher Micro Media 2008 was formally release at Takhat Sri Damdama Sahib, Sabo Ki Talwandi on the Historical and Celebratory occasion, 300th Gugaddi Diwas of SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI. After its formal launching, we got very useful and positive feedback from the scholars and experts who were offered preliminary version of this Media. Their valuable feedback has been acknowledged and since then the process of implementation those valuable suggestion is still on to make this software more useful and utilizable. You are now most welcome to use Isher Micro Media. As there will always be a scope to improve this Media, you are also welcome to post your valuable feedback direct on our feedback page or send it to us by email at Your feedback may also be very helpful to improve the level of utility of Isher Micro Media.


We are pleased to announce that Isher Micro Media is now available to download for the iPhone from the Apple App Store. Most of the features provided in the windows version are present in the iPhone version as well. Please send us your feedback at


Minimum System Requirements:

Windows 97, 1 GB RAM, 1 GB free disc space

Other requirements:
.net framework 2.0 must be installed in your computer. You can download/install it from Microsoft’s website (click here).

If you are running Windows XP operating system, then you have to make proper settings regarding Regional and Language Options. To learn how to make these changes, please visit the following link: Please note if you do not make the required settings, you will not be able to view the text provided in Isher Micro Media 2009. For example you will see dislocated SIHARIS and PERRI AKHARS.

If you are running Window Vista or Windows 7, you do not have to make these settings manually as these are pre-set in these systems.
After making the required setting, install fonts provided in this link (click here). Then download/run/install the Isher Micro Media setup files.


During the installation phase, you may see a message that may refuse the installation. If you see this message, please select “More Info” in the dialogue box and select “Install Anyway” to complete the installation.

Please send us your feedback after you have installed and used this program.

If you would like to find out more information about Isher Micro Media and to view its UTILITIES AND FEATURES, Click Here.

To install the program: When the download is complete, go to the folder/location where the files were downloaded. Double click on each file you downloaded & follow the instructions.

Please restart your computer after installation.

If you have any problems downloading or installing the program, please visit the troubleshoot page.

Isher Micro Media 2016 installation files (updated January 24, 2016)

Isher Micro Media Setup File
-setup file to install Isher Micro Media 2016
-To download: pressing the above link will open a new page. This page contains a download button (downwards arrow located in the middle of the top bar) that you can use to download the file.

PDF Installation
-setup file to install PDF files Bhai Daya Singh Ji Library


Help Installation
– setup file to install Help Videos that will be displayed with help topics


– required fonts to be installed


.net framework 2.0
– If you are using Windows XP and .net framework 2.0 is not installed in
your system

NOTE: The file size of the above files are 240MB, 113MB and 73.8MB respectively. Depending on your internet connection, it will take some time to download the files.To download each file: Right click on the above link, and choose ‘save target as’