MyNitnem allows you to read the daily Sikh prayers conveniently where ever you may be! This is version 1.0; we will continue to improve and update this app with more features in the future.

This app has been created under the guidance of Bhai Baljinder Singh Ji (Rara Sahib) and developed by Hardeep Nijher. MyNitnem is our first application for the iPhone and it is compatible with iOS 3.1 and above.
It is not yet fully optimized for the iPad, however it can still be installed on the iPad and viewed in a smaller window.

We will be providing many more Gurbani and Sikh history related applications free of cost in the near future, including all the content we have provided on this website under the Bhai Daya Singh Ji’s Online library section as well as the content from our windows based program, Isher Micro Media.

You may download the app for free from the iPhone App Store by simply searching for ‘MyNitnem’ or by clicking here and viewing the page in itunes. For any feedback or technical queries, you may contact us at